DragonForce 65

This area links to helpful resources for DF65 skippers.

Tuning Guides

Stock A-Rig Tuning Guide
This is a good place to start with the stock A rig. Recommend this as a starting point for new owners over what the Joysway instructions recommend.

Websites of Interest

DragonForce 65 USA Class
Lots of good information to DF65 skippers, including the linked Stock A-Rig Tuning Guide above.

Go here to register your new DF65 and get your sail numbers.
Klaus Harris DragonForce 65 Blog Page
This was a DF65 review that Klaus originally wrote in 2017, but has been updated recently. Lots of good DF65 assembly and setup info here with some good pictures.

YouTube Videos

Here are some helpful DF65 videos.