Club F.A.Q.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I participate in club events without joining?

We invite all newcomers to participate in our events in order to learn more about radio sailing and our Non-Competitive Events are the best way to do that. However, after three events, we ask that you join the club.

The only exception to this is during intra-club competitions where the participant is an active member of another AMYA Club.

How do I join the club?

We’re glad you asked!

We like all prospective members to attend three of our events to give us the opportunity to get to know you and for you to see if you enjoy our group. We are an easy-going bunch, and while we enjoy being competitive, it’s really just about having fun with model sailboats.

Once you make the decision to join our club, we ask that you first become a member of the AMYA. Then it’s just a matter of paying your annual dues.

Why do I have to be an AMYA Member to join the club?

The Western PA Model Yacht Club is sanctioned by the AMYA, so we have to abide by all AMYA bylaws and regulations. By having all of our club members be part of the national organization, we have the voting power to help shape the AMYA. In addition, this sanctioning gives access to AMYA Pond Owner insurance certificates should we ever need them.

In addition, if you would ever decide to compete in AMYA sanctioned regional or national competitive regattas, you would need to be a member anyway.

Finally, as a member of the AMYA, you also receive a quarterly publication called “Model Yachting”. Each issue is packed full of technical information in addition to tuning tips and racing strategies. You will keep these as reference material.

What do the club dues get used for?

Excellent question and we’re glad you asked. The following is list of expenses that are paid by the club:

  • Website Hosting – That’s right, this website costs money to maintain and have hosted.
  • Racing Marks – Those little balls that are floating in the water for us to sail around. These are a club resource and they occasionally need replaced.
  • Rescue Tug – The club has a RC tugboat that is setup for performing rescue duty should your favorite sailboat get into trouble. We also use her for setting the racing marks.
Club’s Tugster rescuing a disabled boat

Do I need a DragonForce 65 sailboat to join the club?

No, you do not. If you already have a RC sailboat of some other kind, new or vintage, we welcome you. Our club loves radio sailing and we’re glad to see any boat on the water.

However, if you want to get involved in our competitive racing events, you will need a DF65. We limit racing to this one-design because it keeps all of our boats on an even keel (pun intended) and makes the racing about the skippers ability to find wind and guide their boats around the course.

Can my child join the club?

Due to the potential liabilities involved with being lakeside we do not permit members under the age of 16 as the club does not have the resources to insure the safety of unattended youngsters.

However, children may attend and participate in any club event as a guest of an adult club member. We ask that it be limited to two children per responsible adult. Please feel free to bring a non-sailing adult to assist with larger families.

Please encourage young children to “look, but don’t touch” as some of the vintage RC yachts at our Non-Competitive Events cost thousands of dollars and have parts that are not replaceable. Also, please discourage the throwing of rocks (we know that kids love to make splashes in the water) as it may cause harm to another member or their boats.