Getting Started

Have you ever dreamt about racing a sailboat in the America’s Cup or maybe just gliding across a lake with just the wind for power?  If these thoughts have ever crossed your mind, but you lack the money for a yacht or the physical ability to sail it, radio control sailing may be for you.

Model sailboat racing is a lot of fun.  It offers the thrill of sailboat racing without the cost of owning a “big boat” – NO haul out, NO dock space, LOW maintenance.  Once you own a boat, there is very little in the way of on-going costs.  There are no “pay to play” costs like golf.  Your boat investment will continue to “pay back” with fun and excitement.  

Model sailboats use no motors.  They use rechargeable batteries and can sail for up to four hours on a charge.  Skippers control the rudder for steering, and the position of the sails for power.  They are easily transported in a car or SUV, and the rigs can be taken off in a matter of seconds for longer trips.  As a matter of fact, the class of boat our club sails can be transported fully-rigged in almost any car.

If you want to give it a try, contact the club and plan to attend one of our events.  We will give you a free lesson with one of our boats and give you a taste of the fun.

Our Boats

The club’s racing boat of choice is the DragonForce 65 and it is the only boat that can sail at our competitive events. See below for boats used at our non-competitive events.

DragonForce 65 under sail

The DragonForce 65 (DF65 for short) is so popular that over 24,000 have been sold as of the date this page was updated. The DF65 is currently the fastest growing racing class at the AMYA. Why are DF65s so popular?

  • Size – The DF65 measures 655mm (25.8″) in overall length and 1338mm (52.7″) in height, fully rigged.
  • Cost – A brand new DF65 with radio, rechargeable battery, and charger costs around $300 USD
  • Time to Water – Since the DF65 comes to the buyer completely constructed except for rigging, the skipper can get it in the water in a few hours.
  • Availability – The DF65 is readily available from the USA distributer, Dragon Sailing North America. (UPDATE – Due to COVID-19, the supply of new boats has been constrained)
  • Support – Spare parts and accessories are available from the distributer and other model boat suppliers.
  • Information – With the popularity of the DF65, plenty of help is readily available on the internet.
DragonForce 65 fully rigged in the back of a compact car

Non-Competitive Boats

At our non-competitive events, we encourage our club members to bring any kind of radio controlled model sailboat. This is a way to introduce other members to different classes of boats, show off hand-built boats, and to get some of our vintage boats into the water.

Vintage Fairwind under sail