Casual Sailing Event – October 25, 2020

It was good to see everyone lakeside on this chilly October afternoon where temperatures were in the low 40’s with a 10mph wind coming off the lake. Wind chill was the order of the day, but we adapted as best we could.

Speaking of adapting, at the start of the day, we had very strong winds coming straight down the cove with wind speeds changing throughout the day. Skippers spent plenty of time adjusting setups on their boat’s A-rig. As a result, we didn’t run nearly as many races, but I think everyone learned a little something about their Dragonforce 65’s in stronger winds.

On the subject of the Dragonforce 65, with all members now owning the same boat and our brand-new start timer setup, the club is going to move all remaining 2020 events to DF65 racing.

Considering the day started with white-caps on the lake and currents too strong for the Tugster to take the marks into deeper water, we had a great day.

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